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On this most haunted of episodes, we look at The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror I through V and ask spooky questions like: 

* Is it bad to see the parody before the original?
* Did The Simpsons do too good of a job a lampooning horror and sci-fi? 
* Has Homer been in a coma since 1992?
But mostly we just enjoy some slightly spooky parodies, and talk about old television, horror movies, and how Marge is the true M.V.P. We also sneak in some hot tips on hacking Ally's brother's bank account, and Kurt's grandma being a fan of "dat ass". It's all here in this newest episode...of the damned!

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We're kicking off October with a special guest! James from Rocket Punch Radio joins us to look at scary movies for kids, and Ally wants to know just how scary they should be? Is Gremlins really about neglected latchkey children? Is Coraline about your parents getting a divorce? Are all children horrible people?

We also delve into scary movies from our childhood, scary sleepover stories, and why The Neverending Story must be German. 
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Trailer: Gremlins

September 19, 2016  

Snake Vaughn ("I thought he was dead!") stealthily infiltrates our recording studio to tell us all about the recent lawsuit that found the creators of Lockout (2012) guilty of infringing on the intellectual property of Escape from New York (1981). 

We look at the copyright laws in the U.S. and France, ponder whether this is the best for the arts, and wonder why Lockout got hit with this when there are so many other properties which have aped Escape from New York's plot and style.
Kurt also calls Lockout by a couple different names. (It was that memorable.)

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Mystery Ben's trilogy of Mystery Skull videos (MoneyGhost, and Freaking Out)
Yuramec's unrelated Mystery Skull Video: Magic
July 17, 2016  

Hot off...my computer, our episode about Ghostbusters (2016), with our fastest turn-around time yet from recording to publishing. We look into the controversy surrounding this movie and also talk about our likes and dislikes, so no matter how you feel about it, there's a host for you!

Or perhaps this will be the episode where we piss off everyone.

Editor's Note: We changed recording locations and so we are having to re configure our audio, not our sharpest sounding episode. I apologize for any inconvenience to your eardrums. 

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Ghost - Mystery Skulls
Ozark Ghostbusters - A couple members of this group showed up at our showing of the movie. And took a picture with "friend of the podcast" Jen.

In this episode we look at the sci-fi rom-com Timer, but Blake sees dystopia in the edges of this movie. Is it robots? Aliens? Mind control? And to what end?  

We also discuss what this means for friendships and all relationships in general. We also compare the "Timer" device and service to Grindr, Tindr, Ashley Madison, and E-Harmony as well as Google, Apple, and Facebook.  

Does this device spell the end of free will, or is it fallible? Look upon the ruin of the single life that this so-called service has caused.  

Show Notes/Moats:

Editors Note: We had problems with Blake's mic losing power for this episode which is why he gets faint twice in the episode. We have since fixed this problem. -Kurt-
Blake suggests that two unrelated movies are the same movie: Clerks (1995) and Friday (1995). Different coasts, different cultures, surprisingly similar movies! Come with us to experience a day in the lives of Dante and Craig, hanging out with their best friend (Randal/Smokey), while they consider a new love interest (Caitlin/Debbie) at the expense of their current girlfriend (Veronica/Joi). Coincidence or independent invention? You decide!  
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June 6, 2016  
Just in time for the Stanley Cup finals, Kurt invites us watch the 2011 movie Goon. We discuss how this movie contains almost every sports-movie trope known to man, and we compare/contrast how it handles them. We also drift off on various sports-themed topics, and Blake shows us that anime is the true source of all the world's inspirational quotes.  
P.S.: We are now on iTunesStitcherTuneIn, and Google Play. So now it should be way easier for you to download the show. Any comments, ratings, and subscriptions are greatly welcomed, and will help us get to a once-a-week format faster.  -Kurt-  

Things mentioned in this episode:

The Finer Points of Hockey (from Slap Shot)
Even Men with Steel Hearts (love to see a dog on the pitch)
May 22, 2016  
It's a battle for supremacy! It's Scott Pilgrim versus Scott Pilgrim as we compare his comic and film versions and discover how a few changes in casting and tone can totally alter the way a line, scene, or entire piece is received.

We also take a look at how Brian Lee O'Malley and Edgar Wright influenced each other's versions of Scott--for better or for worse--and why almost no one in the movie blinks.

Things referenced in this episode:
Oni Press - Publisher of comic
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - movie trailer
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Game Trailer - video game version
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation - Animated web episode
IMDB Trivia page for Scott Pilgrim
15 facts about Scott Pilgrim - Mental Floss
Scott Pilgrim - Sex Bob-omb Vs Katayanagi Twins (A-BOMB Remix) - Cool remix we don't mention but should have. 


Our first episode without a host! We gave our two cents on Captain America: Civil War. Can Marvel juggle this many characters? Can the dialog and character interactions justify this argument between co-workers? Tune in to this off-week episode and find out, true believers.

This episode was recorded on March 7, 2016 and sounds a lot better because of tweaks we made. Hopefully the problems that plagued us in early episodes will not bother us anymore. Also these off week episodes will become more regular as we find time to do them. -Kurt-

Things referenced in this episode:
Cap's speech from the comic version of Civil War.(Kurt was totally wrong on where this is from)
Civil War logic meme
(I could not find the fake image spoiler that Kurt saw before, if anyone has a link we'll post it here.)


On our sixth episode, we tackle The Lobster, a dystopic indie film in which society deems you must be in a relationship or be turned into a animal.

What does this dark and cynical movie have to tell us about relationships and the societal pressures of the dating scene? Is being in a relationship worth taking a steak knife to the eye? The Lobster gets a wider theatrical release on May 13th, so go find out for yourself!


P.S.: Sorry for our audio problems on this episode. We record several weeks in advance and we don't hear the problems with the raw audio until it comes time to edit. Starting with episode seven, it should be fixed. Thanks for sticking with us while we I learn how to better troubleshoot and fix these problems. -Kurt- 

Things referenced in this episode:

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