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It's going to be the future soon, so Ally's taking us on a detailed tour of vat-grown proteins and lab-created organs coming soon to a grocers/hospital near you! We also talk briefly about the media this week--Repo! the Genetic Opera and The Island--although we don't spend much time on these so you're probably safe to listen without watching these unless you're big worried about small spoilers.

This week's episode links will be found on the following pdf. Since Ally's notes were so long and comprehensive, this was taken from our shared Google doc. It also may give some insight into how we make our episodes? Free behind-the-scenes features below!



February 4, 2017  

Our appolgies but our X-men/Civil rights movement episode will not be released this week. This short blurb tells you why, and also that we'll be doing World War Z for our next episode. 

Links for next episode:

http://nerdist.com/nerdist-podcast-max-brooks/ - Nerdist Interview of Max Brooks. 

Sections of World War Z we'll be focusing on. 

Battle of Yonkers: Chapter 4 Section 7 (print version)/Chapter 21 (audiobook)

Exodus to Canada: Chapter5 Section 4 (PV)/Chapter 25 (AB)

DeStRes: Chapter 6 Section 1 (PV)/Chapter 27 (AB)

Cuba: Chapter 7 Section 6 (PV)/Chapter 37(AB)

Hope this helps and thanks for your understanding in this missing episode. 



Our longest episode ever! We take a look back at Saturday morning cartoons for the naked cash grabs that they were. We're watching Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain N: The Game Master, and Captain Planet.

We look at how this weekly event came to be and what led to the eventual fall of the phenomenon. (And also, how much would it cost for you to buy an entire episode worth of toys?)

Links for this episode:

Marvel Wiki: Transformers Vol 1, Issue 3 (Guest-Starring Spider-Man!)

The Power Team (intro)

The Power Team (episode 1)

BraveStarrr: The Legend (1988) Intro (mistakenly called “Lonestarr” in episode)

Neil Cicierega - “Numbers”

http://www.unicron.com/ - Transformers Toy Index

http://www.tmnttoys.com/ - Ninja Turtles Toy Index

https://www.figurerealm.com/ - misc. Toy indexes

http://toyworth.com/ - toy pricing, old and new

Gizmodo: This is the First Weekend in America With No Saturday Morning Cartoons

The Turner Foundation

The Planeteer Movement


Seven episodes of The Simpsons to discuss whether the Simpsons changed the sitcom scene or were part of the larger change in getting dysfunctional families the representation they needed on network television. 

We also have Ally sit through these episodes to see how someone who didn't watch the show growing up fares with it's cynical sensibilities and discuss great/horrible childhood toys, our childhoods, politics, and substitute teaching. 

Links for this episode:
Simpsons Wiki
Patton Oswald - Talking for Clapping
Grudge Match


For our second episode, host Kurt has us watch Lucky Number Slevin, a 2006 film about gambling, assassination, misdirection, and anorexia. We'll be taking a hard look at misdirection and the use of characterization in the film.

...and how Bruce Willis is a ghost who learns to love.

Things referenced in this episode:
Lucky Number Slevin Script

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