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February 4, 2017  

Our appolgies but our X-men/Civil rights movement episode will not be released this week. This short blurb tells you why, and also that we'll be doing World War Z for our next episode. 

Links for next episode:

http://nerdist.com/nerdist-podcast-max-brooks/ - Nerdist Interview of Max Brooks. 

Sections of World War Z we'll be focusing on. 

Battle of Yonkers: Chapter 4 Section 7 (print version)/Chapter 21 (audiobook)

Exodus to Canada: Chapter5 Section 4 (PV)/Chapter 25 (AB)

DeStRes: Chapter 6 Section 1 (PV)/Chapter 27 (AB)

Cuba: Chapter 7 Section 6 (PV)/Chapter 37(AB)

Hope this helps and thanks for your understanding in this missing episode. 


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